Wednesday, November 7, 2012

The one where I talk about the election- sorry all

Oldest and I had plans for election night- going to see the Silent Hill movie.

Oldest and I are HUGE fans of the game, and we both liked the first movie.  Unfortunately since I worked on Halloween we couldn't go see it then.

In between piano lessons and going out for hot wings before the movie, Oldest was glued to her phone checking updates and tweets on the election.

Now, Oldest is an Obama fan, so she was nervous all night long.  I, however, sat looking at my mail in ballot 2 weeks ago thinking to myself, "Really?  Who are all these other people?  Never heard a word about them!"

Guess I should have got on the webs to see who else would be on Colorado's ticket!  Roseanne Barr was on ours, thanks.  Someone with tact would be good, even though I follow her tweets and she can be pretty funny.  Just don't think she's presidential.

So, I voted folks.  I voted to cock-block Romney.  Seems many others did too.

As Oldest says- "I did it for the gays!"  Oh, and because I really want to keep my vagina my business.

Seriously, since most guys don't have a clue about vaginas, they need to stop thinking they know what's right for them!

Remember, it's just a ride.