Saturday, November 26, 2011

Post Thanksgiving post

Sorry all that I didn't post ON Thanksgiving, but like most people with 10 guests, it was just a wee bit busy!

We had all the kids, grandkids, and a friend from Denver over to stuff ourselves full of sleep-inducing turkey and all the trimmings.  Everyone was so stuffed we couldn't even get up a game Wii bowling after dinner like we usually do!

Last Thanksgiving.  I SAID we were too lazy this year!
Instead we decided to lounge around on the couch and make fun of Black Friday commercials, and the people who go shopping at midnight when they really should be sleeping it off...

Anyway, now it's over and we're entering CHRISTMAS MAYHEM!!!!

I will be avoiding all malls and retail stores as much as possible, and doing all of my shopping online like I have been for the last few years.  I already have my list ready, and I am hoping to be done in 2 weeks. 

Let me ask my readers: Do you like to go Christmas shopping at the stores, or would you prefer shopping online?  And why?

Remember, it's just a ride.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

From atop my park bench:

I shall preach of the inequities of the world, and people in general!

Or I could just talk about semi-rescuing a cow from a fence at 9:00 last night...

Seriously!  We had two people driving down our road last night stop and ask us if the cows that were loose were ours.

Answer: NO.

They actually belong to the people behind us who are notorious assholes who just let their cows wander all over the place.  Including the middle of the road.  We've already had to deal with it several times when they've wandered onto our property and left giant steaming piles of cow poo everywhere.

This is very unhelpful because we have a dog that likes to like cow pies lovingly like they were lollipops or something.

Retarded poo licking dog.

I digress.

So, after the second person came by and told us that the cow was caught in the fence, Youngest and I decided to investigate.  The cows weren't even on our property, but they were down the road, and sure enough, one cow tried to barge through the fence, and her leg was caught on the barbed wire.  Her friends were all standing around her looking like they were wondering what the hell she was doing, why she wouldn't move, and wondering if there was anything good around they could chew for 46 hours or so before swallowing.

And, apparently, cars don't scare cows into yanking their legs out of fences, but two people walking down the road with a flashlight freak them the hell out, so that cow just yanked her leg out of the fence, and then thought we were chasing her and ran in front of us down the road back to our house until she found a hole in the fence she could go through to get back to her friends.

So.  That's how you save a cow in a fence.  Scare it with your 5 foot 3 inch frame and a flashlight.

And keep your retarded dog out of that field for awhile...

Remember, it's just a ride.

Friday, November 11, 2011

A little down time

Oh, if only the title to this post was only about needing some time alone to relax.  But, unfortunately it means that, and that I've been a little down lately too.

I can't put my finger on why because things have been going pretty well lately.

No problems at work...

No problems with Husband...

No problems with hobbies, now that I started sewing again....

But, there's been some problems at home with Youngest, Fiance, and Grandbaby.

But I don't think that's really what the problem is.  I think I'm bored.  I don't go out with friends, (the few that I have), I haven't been out to dinner since I went to that concert in August, and getting takeout pizza definitely doesn't count!

I haven't even been on a decent shopping trip in 2 months!  *sigh*

And to cap things off, nothing really interesting has happened to blog about!  Seriously!  Me, the person who can talk about anything nauseum.....etc....

OMG!  Could this be writers' block?  No.


Oh God, I am boring!  This can't be!  I must do something to stop it!

Ok, that looks exciting, maybe I can jump out of a plane with a car.

Or, maybe I could think of something a little less.........high up......

Remember, it's just a ride.