Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Halloween wrap up

First, we carved pumpkins and toasted up the seeds with garlic salt on them.  Obviously something didn't sit right with these pumpkins...

Then it was off to Oldest's house for dinner and trick or treating with Grandbaby and faux Granddaughter:

See Youngest there?  She definitely has a knack for zombie makeup!

Grandbaby was the cutest as a dinosaur:

We went trick or treating, and then headed to the fairgrounds for some Halloween games, then back to Oldest's for pie.

I love Halloween, but since the kids have gotten older, and we no longer live where trick or treaters come, my Halloweens usually consist of lots of popcorn and scary movies.  This Halloween was definitely a treat!

Remember, it's just a ride.


  1. The little dinosaur made me smile! What a wonderful post to start off my day. Have a good day on your end.

  2. Excellent zombie costume! The others were good too:) And I tried and tried to get the fiancee to do the puking pumpkin this year, with no success. Nice!