Sunday, June 3, 2012

Update- better late than never

Just wanted to put up a quick update on the job interview.  I know it was 4 days ago, but I've been trying to wrap my head around what appears to me to be a bad interview on my side of it!

So, first off, it was all I could do not to panic on the way in to the interview!  This is what happens when you've spent months trying to prove you are not a horrible nurse/person to your boss and others around you, but they still treat you like you're some kind of temp or rookie nurse.  Despite your best efforts, you start to question yourself, sooooo, by the time I got to my interview I felt like I was about 2 inches tall.

But, I pulled through it.

First off, the nurse manager interviewing me already knew me from hiring me to the cath lab.  She's awesome, and made me feel at home.  The actual interview was only about 20 minutes, and I have no way to judge how I did- I'm really bad at that!

Second, I shadowed a nurse for 3 hours!  My purse was locked in the managers' office, so I had no money for lunch, and the manager was in a meeting, so, lunch skipped.  Following one of the nurses started bringing back some things, ok, lots of things, and after an hour or so, I stopped feeling like a kid trying to play with the grown-ups!  It did wonders for my confidence.

By the time the manager came back to follow up on my shadowing, I felt much better, (but starving, I could have eaten roadkill!), and the interview was done.  Whew!

By the time I got home, I was freaked out that I blew it.  I talked to 8 people on the phone that night about the interview, and all of them were wonderful and thought I would get the job.

Question:  Why is everyone else so sure I'm a good nurse and will get the job except me?

This is the question that I have been mulling over for the last 4 days.  Why am I the only one who doesn't think highly of me?

Ugh, my brain is shot.  And they told me that I should hear from them this week, so keep your fingers crossed everyone!

Remember, it's just a ride.


  1. I'm so hoping you get it. We need some better news in the personal lives of nurses! I was wondering, do you think you would have fared better when you were let go at your last job if you had a union? Or did you have a union? I felt like my union chair totally saved the day for me at my disciplinary hearing... (at least I'm hoping).

    1. No unions here. Colorado is notoriously anti-union for nurses. I think it would have helped because I would have been able to do something about the way I was being treated long before my termination.

    2. Our governor in MI is waging war on unions, and we are a union of 4000 nurses in our health system. Our union chair is awesome, she gets back to us within minutes of paging/calling/emailing, and it seems like we would be in a very tough position without it. Just this fall we had a huge campaign and worked without a contract for several months because they tried to take so many of our benefits away. We fought HARD, rallies and protests, and it worked. Anyway, now I'm SUPER glad I have the union behind me. Without them I may be sitting here without a job as I type this.

  2. Good luck, I hope you get it! Keep us posted!

    As for your question, I think we're always most critical of ourselves. My wife assures me I'm a great writer, but sometimes I just stare at the page and think "Do I really know what the hell I'm doing?" Except, you know, instead of saving lives I just babble on about imaginary people living in my head, so I think your problem is probably more stressful than mine. :)