Tuesday, May 17, 2011

This one goes out to my sister...

Only because I look like Marilyn Manson, and she looooooves Marilyn Manson.

Backstory:  Sometime on Saturday night I got bit on the eyelid by a night monster that apparently comes out when I sleep on the couch. (just so's ya'll know, I sleep on the couch on on call night or I'd never get any sleep, what with Husband's CPAP and air whooshing and all..)

I woke up with a swollen eyelid.  Ok, no biggie I guess.

But then, I was out mowing my lawn and noticed I was having trouble focusing with that eye.  Then the migraine started because my vision was out of whack.

Still, no biggie, the swelling would go down, I told myself.

Nope, now it's itchy, and the whole vision out of whack thing has been going on for three days.  So, I got an eye appointment with the doc.

She decided I needed to have my eye dilated.  Yep, just 1 eye.  So, voila!  Marilyn Manson:

I know, I know, remarkable resemblance!  It's like a mirror!  Well, if Marilyn Manson was 5 foot 2 and a girl....

Here's something for the cheap seats in the back!

(warning, this is an uncensored video)

Yep, we're just two beautiful people....

Remember, it's just a ride.


  1. thats awesome! i didnt know they ever just dilated ONE eye. the last time i had mine dilated i was so blind and was driving. when i realized i couldnt see the speedometer AT ALL, i knew it was bad. awesome marilyn!!

  2. @Kelly- lol! Next time I'll post about how I did the same thing with a bungee cord!

  3. Wow that is amazing! That's a cool photo btw. Here's hoping your eye is better now too x

  4. Why would you do that? Its a bit creepy.

  5. Wow, I bet having one eye dilated was weirder than having them both dilated! It certainly does look interesting. LOL
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