Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Push-up, or Regular?

Yep, that is the question.

And just in case anyone is worried, it's still FMBT:   

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But in the meantime, there was a little discussion at work today with My Aide over padded bras vs. non-padded bras after she showed me an ad for the Booty Pop:
Courtesy of Booty Pop

We watched a whole Attack of the Show segment where everyone was voting on which model was wearing the Booty Pop.  My Aide and me: 1, Attack of the Show hosts:0  (really?  it was pretty obvious).

So that got us talking about push-up bras.  Mostly because of Husbands' comment that it's "false advertising".  Ok, ok, I can see how padded butt underwear is false advertising.  It's not lifting anything from your ankles, right?  It's just a fake butt.  But push-up bras are doing a great service to those of us who have had kids, and are getting older and watching our boobs migrate south of our equators.

Courtesy of Victoria's Secret

I mean, really, when your nipples start pointing at your feet you need something to hoist them back into perky position- right?

My Aide agrees.  She says that when her twins start heading for her waistline, she'll be pushing them back up also.  And her point was the same one I keep trying to tell Husband- the padding is under the breast, not over it, so it doesn't add any cup size.  But husband wants nipples on a cold day.....I guess he could have that if he doesn't mind that they'll start looking like this:

Sorry, but in my mind it's that graphic also.

I am pretty sure that Husband would be a lot less happy with the image above than with a little nipple armor.  After all, he gets to take it off anyway.....

Remember, it's just a ride.


  1. Hey There,
    I'm your newest follower from FMBT... I agree that push up bras are necessary to help fight gravity..lol

    I have always had a larger behind so I could never imagine trying the Booty Pop panties but if I didn't I would definitely give them a try.

    Have a great week.

  2. @Survey Junkie- Thanks for following!

    I'm jealous you have the booty because I definitely don't! I briefly thought about the booty pop, but it just felt too weird!

  3. I agree, definitely cool for the upper mounds, not for the lower ones!

  4. push up ok. but I have to protest when it comes to false representation of ass. No question about it. I am an ass man. Nothing would be more disturbing than getting ready to rub down and satisfy a nice piece, only learn that you've been had. Its padding!!! :(
    Instant grounds for dismissal in my opinion. I cannot under any circumstances approve or promote the use of such deceptive and misleading ass accessories. Absolutely unconscionable and immoral!

  5. I own Booty Pops thank you very much...I'm not ashamed to admit it either...lol.

    I'm all about the push up...everything looks better that way, no?

  6. I think push ups make boobs look better. But if you have huge ta-tas. like moi... then push ups may make you look on the heavier side. That's just my little tiny opinion.

  7. @ Boobies- U do? Really? Does it look better than it does in the ads? Pictures! lol

    @ Annah- I think they do too. I told Husband that I gotta hoist 'em up and squeeze 'em together, that way they look good!