Friday, April 29, 2011

TGI- whoa! not for you!

Yes, to all normal people, TGIF!  To me, TSIT- tough shit it's Thursday, well at least for you because you have one more day of work to go before TGIF!

I'm ok as long as I get a TGIF at some point.  Once a week is ok, but I prefer three or four of them.  I just haven't found an employer who goes for that.

The nicest thing about normal people's Friday is that I get to do this:

The World's Most Adorable Grandson

I also get to do this on normal people's Mondays, which I call Sunday.

Last Monday, we tried to teach him to read the William's Sonoma catalogue:

Read with your feet!

He was pretty interested in the Le Crusset (?) bakeware.  And see the cell phone on the floor?  He's a genius, he needs that to call Wall Street for his stocks.

Now that he's teething, (finally), there are some days when he's best like this:

Ahh, silence!

And now I think I'm going to take a cue from the man himself and sleep like a baby!

Remember, it's just a ride.   (I finally remembered Bill!)

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Someone help me out here...

I just need a quick poll of anyone who comes through here.  The question is:

Do you ever have a week where you feel that everything you say is taken the wrong way?

Because that's what the last couple of week have been like for me.  And the culmination today, (hoping that's the right word), was me being accused of lying, deceiving, and obfuscating to certain people I know. (love my X-Files reference?)

And not just lying, trying to point the finger at other people.

Now, just to let the newer readers know,  there is no way in hell I will lie to most people.  Pretty much because I don't care.  You either like me or you don't, but you'll always know that if you look fat in that dress, I won't hurt your feelings and say you look fat, but I will tell you that maybe that style is not for you.

Because of all this mistaken whatever, and because someone has spread rumors about me, I now look completely uncredible to everyone involved, and I know there really is no way to recover.  Needless to say, my feelings are hurt, and I'm pretty pissed about what other people think they know about me.  Which, right now, seems to be nothing, and they don't care to in the first place.

Sorry, I know this is off my usual humorous post, but I feel I must get this off my chest somehow.  Ugh, I'm sure this will get better, but my gut says it won't blow over ever.

(courtesy of Warner Brothers)

Remember, it's just a ride. (I'm tryin' Bill, I'm tryin')

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Catch my daughters' blog

I've done a couple of posts in the last few days and totally forgot to plug my oldest daughters' blog; The Anatomy of Sarcasm.

Well, sarcasm does run in my family, from my mom's extremely pointed and sharp sarcasm, to my 'sarcasm because I like you' sarcasm. 

I'm looking back and thinking to myself that it looks like I spelled sarcasm wrong, but the spellchecker hasn't thrown a dictionary at me, so I think I'm ok.  Although, it seems to not like the word ok...ok?

On another note, I just want to send out my thanks to everyone who has come through my blog and at least read a page or two.  And a special thanks to those who signed up to follow, or at least made some of my first comments ever.  THANKS ALL!  I'm so excited that there are people out there who enjoy what I'm writing, makes my day!

Remember, it's just a ride.

I have a confession...

I hate it when anyone talks to me when I'm getting ready for work in the morning.  Maybe I have OCD, but I have a routine people!  And by people, I specifically mean my family.

Take this morning.  This is how I wake up:

Dark circles, puffy eyes, blanket impressions on face.

Now, I usually stumble around feeling like I look until I've had some coffee.  But even that won't make me sociable.  Mostly because I just want to do my thing and get my stuff done so I can go spend the day chatting up senior citizens.

But this morning it was more like this:

Husband: "You're making breakfast?  Where's my breakfast?"
Me:"I'm trying to get ready for work here.  Why are people talking to me?"
Husband:"I never ask you to make breakfast ever.  But I'm going to ask you when I know you want to be left to do your thing."
Me:"Wow.  It must be nice for you to be in another city when you have to work with no one talking to you when you get up in the morning."

Then I ended up making breakfast for both of us because I felt guilty.  Just a little.

But I was curious. Why does this man who I've been married to for 11 years, and known for like ever, feel the need to break a routine that he knows I've had all along.  So I asked.

Husband:"You like routine too much."
Me:"Uh? Yeah, certain routines, like getting ready for work."
Husband:"There's nothing wrong with sharing and doing things for others."
Me:"Sharing?!  Who does that anymore?!"

Ok, maybe that last part didn't happen, but I do happen to know that my husband thinks I am OCD too.  But have you ever seen someone with OCD that couldn't finish their routine?

Just a little OCD clip.

Remember, it's just a ride.

Monday, April 25, 2011

Whining about the dentist

Today, dental appointment.  Yay.  Can you feel my enthusiasm?

Let's face it, I have kind of put off the dentist for like.....3 years or so.  My last dentist was one of those guys who keeps telling you that drills don't really hurt, and that fire coming from your mouth is the newest way of clearing out cavities.  You know, like ground clearing in the forest.  Perfectly natural.  Possibly holistic.  We're still waiting for the research to come in.

Then I got the letter from the office saying that my insurance didn't pay enough for the evil things he does to peoples' mouths, so they were dropping all of the patients with insurance X, but I sure was welcome to keep seeing him on a paying basis.

No thanks buddy, I can switch to a dentist with newer torture devices, thank you very much!

Unfortunately, that's when my superpower switched on for the first time in my life.  I am a mutant folks, and my power is  (duh duh duuuuuuuh):


I can take something that I really should do today, and manage to shove it off for weeks!  Years!  I'm not yet strong enough to do it for decades, but we're getting there.

I'm pretty sure I'm going to need some kinda low cut, bright colored spandex catsuit or something...maybe a cape, but if the Incredibles have taught me anything, I should probably skip the cape.  I'm not really into airplane engines.

Maybe I could look like these guys?

I definitely procrastinated getting a new dentist, what with work and life stuff, the thought would enter into my mind and then someone would ask me something, and *poof*, thought gone for another month.  So when I went to this appointment and was asked how long it had been since I last got cleaned, all I could manage was "three years?  oh, and this tooth hurts when i eat now?"

At least the staff was really nice.  They all assured me that I sure must brush routinely (I do), and floss all the time (ummmm...yeah when I have shit like chicken wings stuck in my teeth), and it really could be worse than it was.  Now hold still while I get a chisel off all this plaque....
Me before my cleaning-this is what 3 years of not going to the dentist does- not bad huh?

Actually, it wasn't too bad, at least I don't have any cavities.  And now look at me:
Lookin' good!

Remember, it's just a ride.

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Beautiful spring morning!

Tomatoes and Basil and Peppers- oh my!
 See what I woke up to this morning!  After telling one of my fellow bloggers that I kill everything in pots, I have vegetables sprouting!  Well, this is how big I can get them before the see the light and start wilting...

 Then, I had to go into Paonia this morning and because it's been cloudy and rainy, everything was glistening and clear, and trees are a-bloomin':
Yeah, coal mining is the biggest employer in the area- whenever you want to go anywhere, you get stopped by a train.
Some of the fruit orchards are already in full bloom.

All in all, it was a gorgeous morning.

Then, the rain came.  It's been raining all afternoon, and we need it pretty badly.  Western Colorado is very dry after spring, so the more snow and rain we can get, the better.

I love the spring!

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Rainy Day in Western Colorado

Woke up this morning to it pouring rain outside, which is a good thing because I spread fertilizer all over our grass the other day and then realized we don't have irrigation water yet, and I was going to end up frying all our grass before it was watered.  I was doing rain dances every night too.

Don't tell anyone, but rain dances work.

So this morning it looks like this:

That's Mount Lamborn-lately it's looked like this a lot.

This is the apple orchard across the street.
My animals are loving the spring weather because skunks are coming out of hibernation.  Gotta love skunks and their luscious smell right?

Our dogs, Bandit (L), and Rascal (R), and our cat Carmel.

Carmel the freak cat.
And just as another gardening note, mentioning gardening reminded me that I needed to spread our wildflower and other assorted flower mixes out in the gardens.  So I just ran out and did it.

Hopefully something grows.

Remember, it's just a ride.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Is There Anybody Out There?

A nod to Pink Floyd there.  But relevant in a weird way because, somebody read my blog!  And commented!  Yay!  There are other people out there!

I'm going to throw a party!  Get out the beer!

On an unrelated point, I played the piano at work for a few co-workers today.  It was the first time I've played in front of anyone else besides my instructor and my family.  I didn't have my music with me, so I just played as much of one of my newest practice songs as I could remember.  I am a piano genius!  I just can't say it enough....maybe I'll believe it during a hard lesson!

On another unrelated point, I'm missing Denver right now.  Just because it is so much easier to hide in a big city than in the country.  There are only about 4000 people in my area, and that encompasses 2 small towns and the outlying county.  It's a small world around here! 

*sigh*  Tomorrow is another day....

Remember, it's just a ride.

Monday, April 18, 2011

Computers Piss Me Off

Not all of the time, just sometimes.  I can't help it, I need for technology to do what it's supposed to do. 

Like upload a couple of pictures, which is what I wanted to do last night, but every time I opened my iphoto files from my blog, it wouldn't show the pictures I just downloaded 15 seconds ago.

It still isn't doing what it should this morning, but I got all ninja stealth on it and went about it a different way, (the back door, if you will).  Haha! Take that!

So, all that work so I could post a picture of my daughter playing violin Saturday during our lessons:

See off to the right?  That is her instructor, the violin GENIUS.

Fun thing?  Her instructor is also my piano instructor, although piano isn't his primary instrument.

Then, I had to take a call Saturday night and I took a couple of random sunset/evening pictures from my car, (yes yes, don't click and drive...):

This is a shot of the edge of the Grand Mesa-hm, thought it would look cooler..
I came around a corner, and the moon was popping up over Mt.Lamborn.

I bought this new camera the other day so Husband and I could take it with us skiing and stuff, and now the weather is almost too nice for that, but not nice enough for hiking yet.  Who wants to see my pictures of getting the yard and garden ready?

Thought so.

Remember, it's just a ride.

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Just realized something....

I thought I was making a post the other day, and I really made a new page.  Yeah, I know what I'm doing here!

You can check it out, it's the Shameless Plugging for Products page right over there -------->
on the right hand side of the page.


Remember, it's just a ride.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Me vs. Corrective Tape

So.  Today it's back to work.  I'm still not quite on form, my stomach is still trying to decide whether what I put in it is really food.  It has made it very hard to concentrate today.

Like when using corrective tape.

Now, I don't know if anyone else out there has run into the 'new' corrective tape, but last time I used corrective stuff, it was in a pen and you shook it up and then pressed the tip to your paper to get the stuff to come out.  Then you waited about a million minutes for it to dry so you could write on it.

This new stuff is cool because you don't have to wait for it to dry, but it does some sneaky things when you're not really paying attention.

Like me.  Today.

I'm trying to cover over some dates on some papers so I don't have to re-write everything on my inventory list.  At first it's fine.  Then, the tape catches and half of it peels off itself.

Did you know this stuff doesn't stick to itself?  It's like the crappy cling wrap of corrective tape.

Then I start cussing quietly at it.  Our CNA starts giggling at me because I can't handle my corrective tape.  I need Corrective Tape Anonymous.

By the time I finished my little project, the stuff I was trying to cover looked all shreddy and blotchy.  Photocopying didn't make it look better because all the shreddy parts made little shadows on the copy.

I ended up re-writing all the lists.  Corrective tape 1; Me 0.

Remember, it's just a ride.

Monday, April 11, 2011

Could Be Work Induced Vomiting...

But probably not.

Most likely my stomach has not agreed with my dinner and has decided to stage a protest.

Either way, I am sick.  Well, actually, today I am better than yesterday when I couldn't get out of bed for anything but the bathroom.  And I thought I had escaped the dreaded "stomach flu" thing that's been going around.

Today I have no energy, so sorry, no pictures either.  Uses up too many muscle movements.

My stomach has taken everything I've given it today and for an hour after it has to gurgle and burble like maybe, just maaaaaaybe it doesn't really want it.

I keep getting these weird spurts of energy, like my body is saying "Hey, I'm feeling better! It's a beautiful spring day and there's lots of stuff to do!  Why are we laying around on the couch?!  Don't you know there's laundry to do?  Do you know what will happen if we don't vacuum the whole house?"  (see Killer Vacuum Cleaner)

Yeah, and then I get up and start moving, and my stomach says things like, "Hey, hey! Hoooold up there!  We're still thinking about digesting that banana.  If you don't believe me, listen to these menacing burbles!"  Then menacing rumbles start at my midsection and I decide that watching 'Lottery Loosers' on TLC is much better than moving.

All in all, it's been a pretty unproductive day....except for this blog post.....and a little farmville.

Remember, it's just a ride.

Saturday, April 9, 2011

The Weekend is Upon Most of Us

But some of us are on call at least part of the weekend.

I'm just posting as an excuse to put up pictures.

Actually, today has been a good call day so far- yesterday was a far worse day than today, despite waking up to this:

Right outside my back door.

Today, not so nice out, just rainy.

But, Husband is coming back from Denver tonight, so I don't care what the weather is doing!

Remember, it's just a ride.

Friday, April 8, 2011

A Perfect Circle!!!!!!!

Haha! Hahahahahaha!  Husband and I are going to see A Perfect Circle August 2nd @ Red Rocks in Denver!  We got tickets in the 28th row!!  Yay!  I promise to post pictures from my phone when I get back from it.

This is cool because so far every August we usually see Tool or APC play for our anniversary.  It's like clockwork, and I really look forward to it each year.  AND, I am hearing rumors about a new APC cd coming out before the concert?  I'm going to look into this- could be that I have been ignoring things, and it's already out, but I don't think so....

Hehehe!  Soooo excited!

That reminds me that I need to get the pictures from last July's Tool concert downloaded off my phone to my computer....unfortunately, I'm not sure how to do that.  My computer doesn't seem to have that slot on the side I can put an SD card in....

Good thing Husband works in the computer field, I know he always likes me asking him questions just so he can be helpful...

Remember, it's just a ride.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Springtime in Colorado

Yesterday it was 70 degrees out, today 60 and dropping with clouds moving in & threatening rain, if not snow.  Here in Colorado, springtime is like watching a person who is bipolar, but cycles every few minutes in stead of days, weeks, or months.

But for awhile today there was some sun out, and I took a few pictures:

Downtown Paonia-where my address nominally exists.  Notice, snow on mountain.

This is a mural on the side of a Mexican restaurant in Paonia.

And a couple of pictures to prove spring is here:

My neighbor readying his field for planting.

My apricot tree already has flowers on it.

But, it can still snow here and decimate the budding fruit trees that are huge overachievers this year.  Like my apricot tree.  Every year it's the first to bud, and every year it snows soon after the flowers come....

Remember, it's just a ride.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

OCD? Excitement? New Horizons?

I just wanted anyone who was out there to know that I have just spent 3 hours tonight reading blogs, researching blogs, and generally messing around with my blog.  I think I have blog on the brain.

Or, my generally mild OCD is kicking in....must bow to computer 10 times every time I want to write a blog, then turn around clockwise to the right and touch my toes........ Then I can proceed to make everything in my blog line up juuuuuust right.

Ok, that's random.  I think it's just the excitement of something new to be doing.  I'm sure it'll wear off soon....

In the meantime, for the third night in a row I'm not going to bed on time because I'm too busy fussing with the blog, (is this the right template for me?  how the hell did these other people upload anything they wanted into a template?! I wanna do thaaaat!), and I'm sure the repercussions of less-than-normal sleep will bite me in the ass tomorrow at work.

Remember, it's just a ride.

Monday, April 4, 2011

Adventures in skiing 1

So, yesterday I decided to take my two dogs onto the Grand Mesa for a little cross country skiing.  Now, Husband is in Denver this weekend, instead of here, so it was going to be just me and the dogs.

I did not check the weather report, but I did look out my windows as I was getting ready to go.

It was a cloudy day with a lot of wind, and it did look like it might be snowing where I intended to go.  'Psh' I thought to myself, 'it was snowing last week and we had fun....'

So off we went into the storm.  It was snowing sideways on the mesa due to the high winds we were having.  I could barely see where I was driving.  'Still,' I thought to myself, 'when I get where I'm going there's lots of trees, the wind will be less.'

Here is a picture of what it was doing after I got my skis strapped on and we went up the first hill:

Look! Crazy woman in blizzard!
Sure, I see the trail, don't you?

It's nice up there usually, they mark your trail by tying blue tape to tree branches so you hopefully don't get lost in a blizzard, and there are trail maps, but you really need gps to know what direction you're facing in the trees...

Unfortunately, it was still snowing sideways, even in the trees, and the snow was very large, and since it is spring; wet.  I was getting damp, first from the outside, then from sweating from exertion on the inside.

I fell twice trying to go down big hills in pie form, (oh, sorry, 'snowplow' position).  I down hill ski, and this is a move I know well, but on cross country skis, with your heels all loose and flopping around behind you, this move has proven very difficult.  (yes, I am already considering taking some lessons, apparently watching an Olympic instructor on you tube does not give you enough of a lesson- who knew?)

Anywho, finally came across a clearing where there were no blue ribbons on trees.  Crap. Really? And now the snow is blowing so hard sideways that my glasses are covered in wet, and every time I breathe they fog up.  Not to mention that even in this low lighting they've managed to polarize!  It's like karma just said "There is no try, just do.  Use the Force to ski back through the maze of trees that are spaced perilously close together.  You don't need sight to use the Force now, do you?"

I figured that Husband would be really displeased if he got a call from Search and Rescue about his wife, so I decided that the lack of a marked trail in a blizzard was reason enough to ski back to the car.  The dogs thought I was nuts, they were having the time of their life running and eating snow at the same time.

Here's what it was doing when I got back to the car:

Needless to say, I made it back home in one piece, and now my thighs are all achy from working hard, and the dogs are still exhausted today.  Or at least that's what they want me to think so I'll feel sorry for them.....

Remember, it's just a ride.

A View from Singapore?

Ok, so I'm trying to get used to how to do things in Blogger, and I am feeling very slow and stupid this morning.  Probably because I have had only 1 cup of coffee, instead of the whole pot.

So, I am looking around at how to track my page stats, and I come across the part where you can see where in the world people who looked at your site live, and it's like '6 in United States, and 1 in Singapore'.  Singapore.  Random.  Now, my best friend in second grade, her family was from Hong Kong, but that's as close to Singapore as I'll get.

Then I added the traffic counter to the bottom of my page.  See it?  It says 9 people have been here!  As far as I know that's the most I have ever had!  Excitement!  I was all ready to party over that one, when I realized; 'wait, I think it counted every time I got on yesterday while I was moving posts over from LiveJournal'.  Hahahaha!  I am my own best listener!

I still have to figure out how to get my mobile blog going so I can post up some pictures from my blizzard skiing yesterday, but the mobile stuff keeps trying to tell my my phone doesn't exist.  Although, I'm pretty sure it does as I was holding it and punching keys with it, and I believe I was talking at it to a voice that sounded suspiciously like my oldest  Maybe it's like Star Trek, and my phone occupies 2 dimensions simultaneously?  Must do some research....

Remember, it's just a ride.

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Hi Blogspot!

So, if anyone who has read my last 9 or so posts today might guess that I used to have an account with LiveJournal.  I did.  Unfortunately, they did not provide what I wanted from a blog site without me paying for it, so I switched.

After careful consideration, I noticed that most of the blogs I read are here, and this site seems to offer all the gizmos I was looking for at the other site, soooooo

Here I Am!  Yay! 

I think I will save the rest of my witty comments on the world for tomorrow as it is getting late here, and I don't look good as a pumpkin.

Remember, it's just a ride.

10 Things Nurses Probably Want You to Know

So, just in case anyone is wondering, it is 10:00pm my time, and normally I wouldn't even be awake now, even on the weekend because I am boring. But, I am awake, and I'll tell you why: I am a nurse, and every Saturday I am on call from 8 am til 8 am on Sundays. Today has been the most spectacularly awful call day I have taken since I started this job 2 months ago.

Normally, even though I am on call, I have piano lessons from 12-1:00 on Saturdays. Today however, since I have been sick for the last 2 days, I canceled my lesson so as to not disseminate my germs to my totally talented teacher. That's when karma stepped in and said "Hey! I see you have these extra couple of hours you don't normally have! Let me fill the void, 'cause I'd hate to see you get bored or anything today!

So I left my house at 9 am for the first call, and I saw my home again at 5 pm. My dogs thought I had left forever and there would be no dinner ever again.

Now, I think that y'all should know that my work is closed on the weekends, but we have people that might have emergencies during off times. So our nurses are on call after hours 5 days a week, and all weekend. Did I mention that we are there for EMERGENCIES? There seems to be confusion over this word. And while driving all over Delta county today, I started thinking of the things I would like to say to the general public on behalf of nurses everywhere. Here they are:

1) What seems to be an emergency to you might not actually be an emergency to anyone else. Are you bleeding to death on the floor? Having chest pain? Or are you calling for a paper cut? There are emergencies, and EMERGENCIES, and there is a definite difference in the two: one has a huge potential to leave you dead, the other is temporarily uncomfortable.

2) Please leave me out of your family squabbles. I don't care if you and your husband hate each other and like to goad each other into rages. I am here to help solve medical problems. Your problem is for a very qualified psychotherapist. Or, divorce. Really, if you're that miserable...

3) You are not the only person I have to see/take care of today. Believe it or not, I'm not a private duty nurse. I might not be right with you to look at your new bunion because the other person I need to see is convulsing on the floor over there.....

4) I do not have to take abuse from you. I do not have to put up with you spitting, kicking, hitting me. At all. I also do not have to put up with verbal abuse from you or your spouse, and I have to restate- ESPECIALLY YOUR SPOUSE. Threats, cussing, and ungrateful behavior might make me not give a shit about what is going on, which interferes with me giving you quality care.

5) I am not an uneducated worker. I had to go to college to do what I do, and I had to actually learn how the body works, and how it works with different diseases and medications. I did not Google your disease right before I came to see you.

6) I am not a slave. This is very similar to how waitresses feel- I read that somewhere this week. A thank you would go a long way, as well as a decent attitude. Really, are old people just the bitterest things sometimes or what. I'm pretty sure it is not my fault that your life did not turn out the way you wanted it to, or that you have diseases at all, please don't take it out on me, I'm just here to help.

7) And speaking of help, don't use my services and ask for my help and then turn around and not follow any of my instructions, or for that matter, your doctor's instructions. It just wastes my time. Like I said above, I'm here to help, I got my education as a nurse because I want to help, but I don't want to feel like I'm beating my head against a wall when you don't follow any advice, and in fact, do the exact opposite and make your condition worse.

8) We have a nursing shortage in this country. That means we all work long hours with little reward, and not great pay to take care of you. Why? Because we like what we do! This means don't abuse us by asking us to cook you lunch or do your laundry when we are in your home. That is not why a nurse would be in your home. And if you can do it yourself and are just being lazy- shame on your lazy butt.

9) I have a family and life of my own. Don't call me when I am not at work, that is the only time I get to see my family. You get to see yours, I get to see mine.

10) Cherish your nurses, we are the ones who gather all the information your doctor is to busy to get so we can report it to him for a decision about your condition. We cover doctor's asses, like letting him know what your allergies are so that he doesn't prescribe medications that could potentially kill you. And for doctors- Cherish your nurses because without them you couldn't find a single chart in a hospital- oops, where did they all go? Maybe they're with the therapists.......

Ok, thanks for listening to my ramble, you might have guessed that there were a few of these things going on today...I'll try to get more upbeat tomorrow after I've gotten some sleep!

Remember, it's just a ride.       (yep, trying to keep that firmly in my mind!)

This was originally posted April 2, 2011 on LiveJournal.

Finally peace & quiet!

At least for a little while.

Husband had gotten over his sick, and is back to his normal routine, which makes my house peaceful and quiet for a few days.  Unfortunately, I think I'm getting a cold.

I can watch tv and drink tea!  Or read and drink tea!  Or blog and drink tea!  I think I need to go get some tea....

*          *        *           *            *

Ok, back from getting tea.

I marked my mood as sore because I am.  This last weekend, Husband and I took our two dogs cross country skiing for 3 1/2 hours.  My calves and lower back are screaming.  I think I pulled something in my knee, and I might have muscle groups that weren't taught to me in nursing school.

Our dogs still haven't recovered. My Aussie had so many balls of snow in his hair I have no idea how he kept up with us. Husband and I are looking for dog boots and some kind of coat to keep snow out of our dog's hair.  This is fun, looking up dog clothing brings up tons of websites that advertise the "cutest doggie booties ever!" And, "your dog will love dressing up to go out!"  I'm pretty sure our 90+ pound dog is dying to be the cutest thing ever.  Especially since it's a boy dog we're talking about.

But, I did manage to find snow racing boots for dogs on a dog sledding website.  I can't wait to put them on the dogs; Husband and I have a bet going as to which dog will flop over on the floor looking at us with pitiful eyes that wonder how we can be so cruel, and which dog will walk around trying to frantically shake the boots off and end up just falling over.

Either way will be entertaining I say.

Remember, it's just a ride.

Sick people everywhere...

Ok, so Husband has been sick for the past three days with this horrible stomach thing going around where I live.   So this means that he did not go back to work in Denver on Tuesday and leave me in quiet bliss this week.

Instead, I have been sleeping on the couch all week, trying not to get the dreaded stomach bug.  This after having to take care of and visit people who have it for my work, dodge my future son in law who had it, as well as avoid both my daughters who have gotten it.

I have been agile and stealthy in my maneuvers not to get this thing because it is awful.  So, I have been sleeping on the couch all week.

My couch is not terribly comfortable.  But it was going fine until I woke up to my cell phone alarm, and turned into a one person Keystone Kops routine.

First, one of my dogs has been sleeping next to the couch between the couch and coffee table. 
Have I mentioned my dog is black?

So I jump up off the couch and immediately trip over the dog and go sprawling, in the dark, across the living room floor.  Good thing we have carpet for maximum rug burn.

Then, I go up to our bedroom in the dark to go to the bathroom, and our slanty ceiling gets in the way of my head.  Blue and black are my favorite colors....

Then my hand decided that it's going to throw makeup all over the sink....

Maybe tomorrow will be a better morning, after all, Husband is no longer sick, just tv monopolizing, and so I can sleep in my own bed again.

As long as I don't wake up with the stomach thing....

Remember, it's just a ride.

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Killer Vacuum Cleaner

I think my vacuuming cleaner is going to kill me.

See, this is supposedly my favorite vacuum cleaner that was bought after consulting a friend about her vacuum cleaner which she bought from Walmart for only $50, and it was 'the best vacuum cleaner she ever bought'.

So I bought one too, to replace my old vacuum cleaner which was bought at a cost of $175 because it was advertised as 'the awesomest vacuum ever created to DESTROY pet hair and odor!' It had pet hair staircase cleaner thingamadoodie attachments that were promised to 'CHEW UP PET HAIR FROM YOUR RUG AND SHOOT IT BACK AT THE OFFENDING ANIMALS!' The attachment broke the second time I used it on the staircase.

The rest of the vacuum died of an attachment disorder a couple of uses later.

So, I bought the cheap vacuum. And for awhile it was ok.

But now, it makes this god-awful noise like it's gearing up for attack when I turn it on:


Husband says that it is because the plastic that holds the roller thingy on has melted and now is not totally round, and to that I ask; Exactly what warp speed was this roller spinning to make it melt? Is the whole thing going to eventually catch on fire when I use it?

I've had the vacuum maybe a year. I kinda liked it before it got rabies.

Remember, it's just a ride.

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The types of people you work with...

Have you ever met this person:

:(   I don't know why everyone picks on meeeeeee! You're so organized, I wish I could be organized toooooo! I'm the only one who does any work around heeeeere! Why won't everyone just drop everything they're supposed to be doing to help meeeeeee???????

:@   Did you hear what so and so said about you yesterday? You better watch out for________ they will do anything to piss you off/gossip maliciously/generally cause trouble.....

I say, 'watch out for both these types one just wants you to do everything for them by acting helpless, and the other will make it impossible for you to get promoted if you listen to them. What to do about these types? Just walk away. Walk away, man.

Remember, it's just a ride.

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Just another day...

Actually, I was just on Facebook boasting about how awesome my piano practice went today when I got home from work.  I was like, perfection in timing!  The master of harmony!  The king of the metronome!

Well, probably not that good since what I was practicing was the first real song I've played, but I did really good, I swear!

The thing about me learning how to play the piano is that I wanted to learn when I was little.   I would spend hours and hours on my grandmother's piano with my mom's old lesson books trying to puzzle out the lessons.

I begged my grandmom to teach me, but she would tell me that it had been years since she'd played, and she was no good anymore.

I begged my mom to teach me, but she wanted me to hang out with my grandparents and give her some peace.

So I would just pick out songs by ear and what little I could read of music.  Then, we moved away.  Away from the piano.

After that, my parents divorced, and no one had the money for a piano, much less lessons.

Then I became a teenager- and we all know what those hormones do to you- lessons forgotten for boys.  For years.  And years.

And now, even though I won't be playing for a crowd, won't be playing for auditoriums, I still want to learn.  So I can play for myself.

Remember, it's just a ride.

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Grandbaby is here!

I am truly a new grandma as of 11:30 am on friday! Beautiful healthy baby boy named Aidan Jay. And he truly is beautiful, no cone head or anything lol. My daughter did great during the delivery, she was in labor for about 14 hours, and she pushed him out in less than 3 minutes, no epidural! Her sister says she totally manned up for the delivery. They come home today, and I can't wait!

Our newest family member!

Remember, it's just a ride.

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Long time between posts

Well, not that it matters as no one reads this, but, it still has been a long time. Actually, my daughter is getting closer to her due date on Sept. 27, and she's already dilating and effacing, and her doctor doesn't think she'll make it to her due date. So every day I'm waiting for the call that she's in labor. Can hardly concentrate at work anymore. Especially since when she goes into labor, I get to go on vacation.

As for my stuff, I saw the endocrineologist and she just confused me. Starting with not having anything concrete to say about what's going on with me. Oh, she said she didn't think I had type 2 diabetes, she thought I have type 1 because I'm not fat. Hmm..but then I would need insulin, so, that doesn't seem right. Then she says I shouldn't be getting my period with how off my hormone levels are, but I still do....for days and I have to go to my gyn to have that checked. And then she said nothing about my thyroid, which is iffy. And then she said she didn't think I have IBS, but celiac disease, which would have meant no wheat. So, I pretty much left there thinking that between that and the diabetes I might as well start starving myself to death. Turns out I don't have celiac disease. So that much is good.

On the home front, things are much better than they have been in a long time, and I have been enjoying the nice weather we've been having here in western colorado. 70's and sunny, who could ask for better. And on my wedding anniversary, we spent the entire weekend at a hot springs soaking and getting massages. Life is pretty good for now!

Remember- It's just a ride.

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Things are going pretty good today, down in Denver to see the Tool concert tomorrow night at Red Rocks and can't wait!!  Red Rocks is my favorite place to see a concert bar none.  We're probably going to go up early and hike around before the concert starts.  The "we" being me and my husband.  Things are getting better lately, so hopefully it'll last.  We'll see, but for now I'm enjoying it.  On the down side, work is not better, it's worse.  I have one of my collegues tell me that "everyone" is afraid to talk to me about anything lately, and they dread when I come out of my office.  It's funny, because the only person that I've had a problem with lately is the person who told me this.  Of course, she's been trying to tell me how to do my job lately, and that's been pissing me off because she doesn't even know what my job entails....Anyway, I guess it's just one more thing I have to watch out for.  But it's got me thinking about going back to school for a higher degree so I can actually have a little more freedom to move around instead of getting stuck where I am because I don't qualify for other jobs.  I think that I will be doing that really soon, especially since I have my husband backing me up for it so maybe I can get a job where I'm happier.  I know that that might be a lot to ask for, but as my daughter pointed out yesterday, I never used to be so angry or complaining about my job before we moved.  I think she's right.

On another subject, my daughter is 7 months pregnant, and she is all belly!  We can all feel the baby move now, & it's pretty exciting!

Remember: It's just a ride.

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The Hell of Hormones

My daughters', not mine lol.  geez, she's having trouble with her best friend ditching her because she's pregnant, & I have to be punished.  Yes, yet another fight over stupid stuff, mainly her sister knowing when we have a fight.  Well, she's about the only one around here that I have to talk to when there is a fight, so  yes, I talk to her. *sigh*  Nothing more fun than having to explain reality to a teenager.  And nothing more futile.

Man she's huge!

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