Sunday, April 3, 2011


Things are going pretty good today, down in Denver to see the Tool concert tomorrow night at Red Rocks and can't wait!!  Red Rocks is my favorite place to see a concert bar none.  We're probably going to go up early and hike around before the concert starts.  The "we" being me and my husband.  Things are getting better lately, so hopefully it'll last.  We'll see, but for now I'm enjoying it.  On the down side, work is not better, it's worse.  I have one of my collegues tell me that "everyone" is afraid to talk to me about anything lately, and they dread when I come out of my office.  It's funny, because the only person that I've had a problem with lately is the person who told me this.  Of course, she's been trying to tell me how to do my job lately, and that's been pissing me off because she doesn't even know what my job entails....Anyway, I guess it's just one more thing I have to watch out for.  But it's got me thinking about going back to school for a higher degree so I can actually have a little more freedom to move around instead of getting stuck where I am because I don't qualify for other jobs.  I think that I will be doing that really soon, especially since I have my husband backing me up for it so maybe I can get a job where I'm happier.  I know that that might be a lot to ask for, but as my daughter pointed out yesterday, I never used to be so angry or complaining about my job before we moved.  I think she's right.

On another subject, my daughter is 7 months pregnant, and she is all belly!  We can all feel the baby move now, & it's pretty exciting!

Remember: It's just a ride.

This was originally posted July 27, 2010 on Live Journal.

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