Tuesday, April 5, 2011

OCD? Excitement? New Horizons?

I just wanted anyone who was out there to know that I have just spent 3 hours tonight reading blogs, researching blogs, and generally messing around with my blog.  I think I have blog on the brain.

Or, my generally mild OCD is kicking in....must bow to computer 10 times every time I want to write a blog, then turn around clockwise to the right and touch my toes........ Then I can proceed to make everything in my blog line up juuuuuust right.

Ok, that's random.  I think it's just the excitement of something new to be doing.  I'm sure it'll wear off soon....

In the meantime, for the third night in a row I'm not going to bed on time because I'm too busy fussing with the blog, (is this the right template for me?  how the hell did these other people upload anything they wanted into a template?! I wanna do thaaaat!), and I'm sure the repercussions of less-than-normal sleep will bite me in the ass tomorrow at work.

Remember, it's just a ride.

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