Sunday, April 3, 2011

Killer Vacuum Cleaner

I think my vacuuming cleaner is going to kill me.

See, this is supposedly my favorite vacuum cleaner that was bought after consulting a friend about her vacuum cleaner which she bought from Walmart for only $50, and it was 'the best vacuum cleaner she ever bought'.

So I bought one too, to replace my old vacuum cleaner which was bought at a cost of $175 because it was advertised as 'the awesomest vacuum ever created to DESTROY pet hair and odor!' It had pet hair staircase cleaner thingamadoodie attachments that were promised to 'CHEW UP PET HAIR FROM YOUR RUG AND SHOOT IT BACK AT THE OFFENDING ANIMALS!' The attachment broke the second time I used it on the staircase.

The rest of the vacuum died of an attachment disorder a couple of uses later.

So, I bought the cheap vacuum. And for awhile it was ok.

But now, it makes this god-awful noise like it's gearing up for attack when I turn it on:


Husband says that it is because the plastic that holds the roller thingy on has melted and now is not totally round, and to that I ask; Exactly what warp speed was this roller spinning to make it melt? Is the whole thing going to eventually catch on fire when I use it?

I've had the vacuum maybe a year. I kinda liked it before it got rabies.

Remember, it's just a ride.

This was originally posted on March 22, 2011 on LiveJournal.

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