Sunday, April 3, 2011

Long time between posts

Well, not that it matters as no one reads this, but, it still has been a long time. Actually, my daughter is getting closer to her due date on Sept. 27, and she's already dilating and effacing, and her doctor doesn't think she'll make it to her due date. So every day I'm waiting for the call that she's in labor. Can hardly concentrate at work anymore. Especially since when she goes into labor, I get to go on vacation.

As for my stuff, I saw the endocrineologist and she just confused me. Starting with not having anything concrete to say about what's going on with me. Oh, she said she didn't think I had type 2 diabetes, she thought I have type 1 because I'm not fat. Hmm..but then I would need insulin, so, that doesn't seem right. Then she says I shouldn't be getting my period with how off my hormone levels are, but I still do....for days and I have to go to my gyn to have that checked. And then she said nothing about my thyroid, which is iffy. And then she said she didn't think I have IBS, but celiac disease, which would have meant no wheat. So, I pretty much left there thinking that between that and the diabetes I might as well start starving myself to death. Turns out I don't have celiac disease. So that much is good.

On the home front, things are much better than they have been in a long time, and I have been enjoying the nice weather we've been having here in western colorado. 70's and sunny, who could ask for better. And on my wedding anniversary, we spent the entire weekend at a hot springs soaking and getting massages. Life is pretty good for now!

Remember- It's just a ride.

This was originally posted Sept. 10, 2010 on Live Journal.

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