Friday, May 18, 2012

Ready to get your Frack on?

Brought to you by the awesome Dazee at Crazy Daze & Nite Dreams!

As promised, the frack of the week iiiiiiiis:


As some of you know, I was fired this week because my boss doesn't like me.  And I know that sounds like an excuse, but unfortunately it's not, soooo...

Frack you you self-absorbed, yokel talking, non-medically trained, vindictive bitch!  The reason that you fired me, ie- failed to document B12 injections and INR results was just an excuse to fire me.  After you wrote me up for INR documentation I had been very, very careful to document every single one.  And twice I had forgotten to document the B12's in 3 months, and each time was asked to correct it, which I did, AND I STILL GOT FIRED.  After correcting my mistakes!

Now, I was always under the impression that mistakes can be made, we are only human, and correcting your mistakes was good, that's how you learned.  Especially when we've been using a new system for pharmacy and MARs, and NO ONE, not one nurse, has yet to consistently and correctly document on the new MAR.

But guess what folks?  I was the only one to be written up for it, and I am the only one being fired for it.  There is one nurse who has NEVER been able to get into the medication system to document ANYTHING!  Is she getting fired?  No.  Has she been written up?  No.

Now, I gotta tell you all, after months of blogging about hostile workplace practices, that I am extremely relieved to not have to go back to that place again.  I have a feeling my anxiety and irritable bowel will calm down.  But I am 40 years old and live in a small town, and now I'm having to look for another job.

And that part sucks.

So, FRACK YOU, employers with personal issues, and FRACK YOU to the general employment atmosphere in this country today!

Remember, it's just a ride.


  1. Wow, that is really, really shitty, and just beyond terrible treatment. Do you qualify for unemployment until you do find another job? Also, can you give us directions to this bitch's house so we can burn it down?

  2. omg. are you sure your boss isn't related to my former piece of shit garbage boss? I am so ready to get a posse to together and go picket in front of some of these places. errrrr, let me at her.!!!!!

  3. Thanks all for the support! I'll keep you all updated on the job hunt, it's bound to give me fodder for the blog!