Friday, October 28, 2011

In honor of Halloween

I thought I'd post this video I found at work while we were all surfing and bored the other day:

God I wish I had that kind of time and money!  How fun is that?!  And they have other songs they do too, and Christmas songs.  But since it's not Christmastime I didn't look at those yet...

On another not, my favorite blog to follow has finally posted after months of nothing.  Go see Hyperbole and a Half, you'll get a good laugh, this girl is talented!

As another Halloween thing, I just found out that the little town I live in, with 1 movie theater, is playing the Rocky Horror Picture Show tomorrow night @ 11pm.  After a pub crawl down main street starting at my favorite brewery.  I'm thinking about going.....if I can stay up that late!

Then on Monday, I think I'm going trick or treating with Grandson and faux Granddaughter.  If I can figure out what to wear.

God I love Halloween!!

Remember, it's just a ride.