Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Me and my piano

Ahhhh, I wish I had been able to have piano lessons when I was young!  Learning to play when you're my age is slow and occasionally painful, and most of the time it feels like I'm trying to filter my lessons through molasses.

Currently I'm learning a new song, Bach's Prealudium 2.

Please play it, then you will understand it when I say I play it about 1/100th as fast!

Now, anyone who has been following my blog for a year or so will know that I have only been taking lessons for a year.  So then, you have to ask yourself- Why are you playing something this advanced?!

I ask myself that too.  Mostly it's because of the fingering, (no nasty thoughts now!).  See, the first page and a half it's basically the same pattern, just different notes.  Well, great.  I can play them now.  At the pace of a snail.

A mentally challenged snail who lost it's home from it's back and keeps forgetting what it's doing because thoughts of it's lost home keep intruding.


Ahhhhh, I so just want to make perfect, beautiful music!

It's just a ride.

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