Wednesday, June 19, 2013

What have I been up to?

Since I'm not working, and the house is mostly done...except for little things like picture hanging, I have been needing to do things to fill in the time I seem to have so much of.  And since shopping would not be wise with the no job thing and all, I've taken to some outdoorsy types of things that don't really cost much:

Seeing how my dad's new digs are going after the fire

Biking 30 miles with the Hubby

Hiking with Youngest & Oldest

& Grandson

Watching Husband & Friend run the Dirty Dash
Drinking at 10 am!

Yep, even with no job it's a full life!  Full of sore legs and sunburns!

Remember, it's just a ride.

Saturday, June 8, 2013

Decisions, decisions

So.  Now that we're pretty much settled back into our house and things are calming down, I find that I have some decisions to make.  Things and...what to make for dinner.

Ok, I have the dinner thing all figured out, so, whew.

The work thing, not so much.  I asked my previous manager to help me transfer to one of our sister hospitals here, so she sent off a letter to their ICU manager, who I guess is a good friend of hers.  She got an email back pretty much saying, yes, we'll have openings in a couple of months, please send along all HR forms and our hiring manager will get things going.  Unfortunately, that was the last I heard from anyone.  Now I'm getting a little worried.  Do they have my stuff?  Did they decide they didn't want me?  Do I need to just go and apply instead of trying to transfer?

This last week I finally got anxious enough to email my old boss and ask what was up, but I still haven't heard back from her.  Now I'm really worried.  I can hold out for another month, but then I'm really going to need a job.

The other thing with a job is I've been debating whether I want full time, part time, or just to work as needed.  This whole issue is really intertwined with the school issue because if I go back to school I definitely won't be working full time!  I've pretty much made up my mind that I want to work as needed.  I can work as much or as little as I need, and it pays more.  Wow, I'm glad I figured out what I need from my fictional job!

The other issue is school.  I've been debating about going back to school for a couple of years now.  The thing is, I'm not sure what to go for.  Do I go for my nurse practitioner?  That's what I used to want to do.  And I hate to say it, but thinking about that makes me anxious.  In the last year or so I've been thinking about getting out of nursing completely.  My bad experience with that elder care program has made me feel incompetent and not worthy of my job, and that simultaneously pisses me off and scares the shit out of me!

Ok, maybe I don't hate my job, but the rest is true...

 The other thing I was thinking about going to school for is therapy.  Then I could treat myself....haha!  No, seriously, I have an interest in relationship counseling.  But I keep thinking how much money school will cost, and I'm stuck.  I already have a degree, maybe I should keep slogging through nursing until I retire, at least I don't have to take out student loans for that.

I hate being this indecisive.

Remember, it's just a ride.