Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Someone help me out here...

I just need a quick poll of anyone who comes through here.  The question is:

Do you ever have a week where you feel that everything you say is taken the wrong way?

Because that's what the last couple of week have been like for me.  And the culmination today, (hoping that's the right word), was me being accused of lying, deceiving, and obfuscating to certain people I know. (love my X-Files reference?)

And not just lying, trying to point the finger at other people.

Now, just to let the newer readers know,  there is no way in hell I will lie to most people.  Pretty much because I don't care.  You either like me or you don't, but you'll always know that if you look fat in that dress, I won't hurt your feelings and say you look fat, but I will tell you that maybe that style is not for you.

Because of all this mistaken whatever, and because someone has spread rumors about me, I now look completely uncredible to everyone involved, and I know there really is no way to recover.  Needless to say, my feelings are hurt, and I'm pretty pissed about what other people think they know about me.  Which, right now, seems to be nothing, and they don't care to in the first place.

Sorry, I know this is off my usual humorous post, but I feel I must get this off my chest somehow.  Ugh, I'm sure this will get better, but my gut says it won't blow over ever.

(courtesy of Warner Brothers)

Remember, it's just a ride. (I'm tryin' Bill, I'm tryin')


  1. I feel like that sometimes, too, it's a terrible feeling. I hope it all blows over without any permanent damage to your relationships. :-/

  2. I think it's rarer when people actually understand what I was trying to say...

  3. Thanks, that makes me feel better! @Beer-lol!