Thursday, April 21, 2011

Rainy Day in Western Colorado

Woke up this morning to it pouring rain outside, which is a good thing because I spread fertilizer all over our grass the other day and then realized we don't have irrigation water yet, and I was going to end up frying all our grass before it was watered.  I was doing rain dances every night too.

Don't tell anyone, but rain dances work.

So this morning it looks like this:

That's Mount Lamborn-lately it's looked like this a lot.

This is the apple orchard across the street.
My animals are loving the spring weather because skunks are coming out of hibernation.  Gotta love skunks and their luscious smell right?

Our dogs, Bandit (L), and Rascal (R), and our cat Carmel.

Carmel the freak cat.
And just as another gardening note, mentioning gardening reminded me that I needed to spread our wildflower and other assorted flower mixes out in the gardens.  So I just ran out and did it.

Hopefully something grows.

Remember, it's just a ride.


  1. You've inspired me to go and do a rain dance. I wish it would rain here, it's very barren and dry in Perth. Thank you so much for stopping by my blog. Have you got a nice Easter weekend planned?

  2. @ Sarah- usually it's dry here too, this year has been good to us. I found your blog on blogs of note I think, it's very good!
    Easter will hopefully be very quiet this year, how 'bout you? I saw on your blog you like to cook?

  3. colorado is SO gorgeous. i live in texas and am stuck in suburbia. i love looking at other peoples blogs because ya'll have gorgeous scenery around you. your pups are adorable! i may seek your gardening advice. i just decided to start with 4 flower pots before i dig up our beds and put in flowerbeds.....its been 10 days and one pot of flowers is totally wilted. im ready to give up already!

  4. @ Kelly- I have a horrible time growing in flower pots! If I just go out and throw some seeds around then it's ok, but if I put them in a container they get about 3 inches tall then die! My husband has to take care of all the inside plants, I can't even look at them lol.

  5. is that in the fruita area?

  6. @ E- east of Delta, right before you can't get cell service lol.