Sunday, April 3, 2011

Sick people everywhere...

Ok, so Husband has been sick for the past three days with this horrible stomach thing going around where I live.   So this means that he did not go back to work in Denver on Tuesday and leave me in quiet bliss this week.

Instead, I have been sleeping on the couch all week, trying not to get the dreaded stomach bug.  This after having to take care of and visit people who have it for my work, dodge my future son in law who had it, as well as avoid both my daughters who have gotten it.

I have been agile and stealthy in my maneuvers not to get this thing because it is awful.  So, I have been sleeping on the couch all week.

My couch is not terribly comfortable.  But it was going fine until I woke up to my cell phone alarm, and turned into a one person Keystone Kops routine.

First, one of my dogs has been sleeping next to the couch between the couch and coffee table. 
Have I mentioned my dog is black?

So I jump up off the couch and immediately trip over the dog and go sprawling, in the dark, across the living room floor.  Good thing we have carpet for maximum rug burn.

Then, I go up to our bedroom in the dark to go to the bathroom, and our slanty ceiling gets in the way of my head.  Blue and black are my favorite colors....

Then my hand decided that it's going to throw makeup all over the sink....

Maybe tomorrow will be a better morning, after all, Husband is no longer sick, just tv monopolizing, and so I can sleep in my own bed again.

As long as I don't wake up with the stomach thing....

Remember, it's just a ride.

 This was originally posted March 24, 2011 on LiveJournal

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