Tuesday, April 26, 2011

I have a confession...

I hate it when anyone talks to me when I'm getting ready for work in the morning.  Maybe I have OCD, but I have a routine people!  And by people, I specifically mean my family.

Take this morning.  This is how I wake up:

Dark circles, puffy eyes, blanket impressions on face.

Now, I usually stumble around feeling like I look until I've had some coffee.  But even that won't make me sociable.  Mostly because I just want to do my thing and get my stuff done so I can go spend the day chatting up senior citizens.

But this morning it was more like this:

Husband: "You're making breakfast?  Where's my breakfast?"
Me:"I'm trying to get ready for work here.  Why are people talking to me?"
Husband:"I never ask you to make breakfast ever.  But I'm going to ask you when I know you want to be left to do your thing."
Me:"Wow.  It must be nice for you to be in another city when you have to work with no one talking to you when you get up in the morning."

Then I ended up making breakfast for both of us because I felt guilty.  Just a little.

But I was curious. Why does this man who I've been married to for 11 years, and known for like ever, feel the need to break a routine that he knows I've had all along.  So I asked.

Husband:"You like routine too much."
Me:"Uh? Yeah, certain routines, like getting ready for work."
Husband:"There's nothing wrong with sharing and doing things for others."
Me:"Sharing?!  Who does that anymore?!"

Ok, maybe that last part didn't happen, but I do happen to know that my husband thinks I am OCD too.  But have you ever seen someone with OCD that couldn't finish their routine?

Just a little OCD clip.

Remember, it's just a ride.


  1. hahahahaha...it is a good thing i read ninja fast

  2. You look far better than I do in the morning. Believe me. I prefer not to talk before I've had a cup of tea, but three small people won't allow for that!