Thursday, July 12, 2012

The one where I start my new job...sort of

Yes people, today was officially my first day at my new job!  Except.....I was in training all day.  I'll be in training all day tomorrow.....and Saturday.  My first official day on my unit is Sunday.


You see, my new hospital is going to full computer charting, ordering, etc, and the training for nurses takes three whole days.


Since "go live" is in a couple of weeks, my manager put me in asap because she was afraid I would miss all the fun.  You know fun, right?  Like:

1- Stupid questions asked about the stuff the trainers just went over.  Like, "How did you do that?!" and "Where is that?"

2- Questions about why the program doesn't do such and such.  Simple answer:  Because they didn't think about the need for that, thanks for bringing it to our attention and stalling the class and extra 10 minutes for each of these questions asked!

And just for the record, I really, really, really.......really, like this program.  It's one of the best I've seen for healthcare, and it's fairly easy to use, copies duplicate stuff in appropriate places, (also know as "populating"), and eventually will be a great timesaver.

When the screams and bitching stops that is.  We nurses are known for our refusal to like new things until they're forced on us.

So, we got done earlier than I expected, and so I wandered up to my unit to cause trouble of the "I don't even know how to punch in" type, and found that since I didn't use my badge in the 1st 24 hours I had it, my code to swipe the doors to the unit was de-activated.



Now I have to call HR and get them to re-activate it.  And I hate calling HR for anything, no matter where I work.  I'm not into talking to someone who's answers consist of IDK, WTF, and GFYS (go fuck yourself).

*sigh*  Oh well, tomorrow's another day. (of sitting in class)

Remember, it's just a ride.


  1. silly girl. always make sure your badge works before anything else. Why? Because I'm always afraid that it won't. Congrats on the new job

  2. Lol Dazee! Turns out that when you get hired they only enable your badge to open doors into the hospital. Not on your unit, not the gates to the parking lots, or anywhere else! Your manager has to request you get badge access to your unit, and mine didn't. Stupidity.

  3. I hate when people ask stupid questions, like #2 in particular. "Hold on, let me ask Microsoft why they didn't include this in their program. Does someone have Bill Gates' number? I have a bone to pick with him!"

  4. It's torture to be in these classes with the technology disabled OR the stubbornly-refusing-to-adapt kind. Every class I take of this kind, I end up wanting to strangle a few people and reading stuff on my phone.