Thursday, July 14, 2011

Posting suggestion- I'll take it!

On the suggestion of my fellow blogger No Rain on My Suede, this blog is about these guys:

The "hippies"
Now.  Just so everyone is clear, I'm not against "hippies" per se.  Just flaky, dirty people.

I live outside a little town called Paonia.  I call it the Boulder of western Colorado because of the vast number of dirty, flaky people that seem to migrate here.  Especially in the summer.  Which this is.

Husband puts it this way:

"Why do all the dirty people migrate to beautiful places like this and spoil it for the rest of us?"

He said that two weeks ago, and ever since, I've noticed what he means.

This group was relatively tame compared to the group that likes to link hands around the gas pumps at the only gas station in town to protest oil use, but all they seem to do is keep people with jobs from getting to work on time.  If you're protesting gas, why are you hurting the working person?

This group came out of the yoga studio after frantic dancing that we could see through the open doorway, broke out drums, guitars, and a clarinet (!) and proceeded to march up the street playing some improv music that was pretty good, actually.

And because of the..."hippie" concentration here in town, there are some bonuses.  Like the talented people who keep our tiny arts center and theater open year round, and the guys who run the awesomest brewery around.  Because of these people, at least there is something to do around here.

The people Husband was asking about are the ones on the street corners with giant packs on their backs, hair all dreadlocked, the smell of pachouli that seems to start 3 blocks from them, with signs saying they'll "work for food" but not money.  And trust me, I've never seen any of these people working the orchards and fields around here!

Uh oh.  I think I'm starting to rant!  I better stop while I'm ahead...

Remember, it's just a ride.


  1. I lived in Boulder for four years, so I feel you on the hippies. However, Boulder's so expensive that there really aren't that many non-trust-funded ones. Nederland, however...

  2. ahhh, you liked my idea, I'm honored :) I had no idea hippies link arms around gas pumps, they'd get shot up here in Chicago trying something like that.

    we get the patchouli dreaded kids also, just started noticing them downtown Chicago....they bring their dogs and sit next to legitimate homeless people, taking all the welfare from the year rounders. turrible.

  3. @ Todd & Beer Buddy- yeah, well, I guess my little town is cheap! Oh, and during the summer I can hear the commune we have up the mountain doing a little midnight drumming!

    Blessed be! Hail the Goddess!