Wednesday, July 13, 2011

I think....

I might have run out of things to say this week!

Really, it has been a hum drum week for me, just go to work, come home, practice piano, read.  In other words:  boring. 

I could talk about the weather.  It's rained every day for almost a week.  Now it's sunny and cool.  Interesting?  Only if you live here.

I could talk about work.  Same 'ol people in their same old dramas.  Mesmerizing?  Only if you like high school.

I could talk about what I'm reading.  The Dark Tower by Stephen King.  Entertaining?  Only if you like Stephen King....and only if you're a reader.

I could talk about piano practice.  Every time I go to lessons I feel like my brain is as thick as molasses, and when I get home to practice, my brain turns into a sieve.  Fascinating?  Only if you're a piano player.

I could talk about how my Dad got me interested in Kabbalah, and now I'm taking free classes online to learn more.  Interesting?  Oh yes it is!  Maybe one of these days I'll go more into it, but really, I don't want to turn into one of those bloggers who can't stop talking about their spirituality/religion.

In the meantime, here's some recent pictures:

Random hippies from the yoga studio across the street from where I work.  They started an impromptu band and walked off down the street...

All our irises are purple....except this one...

And I can't go very long without showing everyone the Cutest Grandbaby Ever!

Remember, it's just a ride.


  1. you should start blogging about the traveling hippies who drive the black Honda from the photo.....makes me want to beat a drum.

  2. My vote is for The Dark Tower. Best Fantasy series ever. However, on a similar note, have you read Patrick Rothfuss? Ho-lee crap. Awesome.

  3. you play the piano?

    Kudos to you for practicing.

    I stopped after fifth grade because I wanted to learn how to pick up guys instead.