Thursday, July 7, 2011

30 Day Challenge wrap up

Ok, so I have skipped a few days (3) of the 30 Day Challenge with other things going on and all, so I thought I would just wrap up the last 3 days in 1 post and get on with the other things I want to blog about.

So, here it goes:

Day 28- A Place You Love.

The secret camping area Youngest and I found last year.  Seriously, the only people who seem to know it's here are the ranchers that have to go up there to get their cattle from the summer grazing grounds.  Of course, the one land road over several cliffs might have something to do with why people don't go there.... (this was the site of the car baja fiasco of last year...)

Day 29- A Person You Love

Just one?!

My dad.  I think he was the best dad I could have in this life!

And, Day 30- Hopes, Dreams, and Plans for the Future.

Well.  That's huge.  I guess what I would dream for the most is to not work for someone else ever again.  I hope I can retire and enjoy myself for once! 

I know that was small, but it would take several blogs...or maybe one really long blog to go over dreams for the future.  And I don't think anyone will read a blog that long!

Remember, it's just a ride.

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