Saturday, November 26, 2011

Post Thanksgiving post

Sorry all that I didn't post ON Thanksgiving, but like most people with 10 guests, it was just a wee bit busy!

We had all the kids, grandkids, and a friend from Denver over to stuff ourselves full of sleep-inducing turkey and all the trimmings.  Everyone was so stuffed we couldn't even get up a game Wii bowling after dinner like we usually do!

Last Thanksgiving.  I SAID we were too lazy this year!
Instead we decided to lounge around on the couch and make fun of Black Friday commercials, and the people who go shopping at midnight when they really should be sleeping it off...

Anyway, now it's over and we're entering CHRISTMAS MAYHEM!!!!

I will be avoiding all malls and retail stores as much as possible, and doing all of my shopping online like I have been for the last few years.  I already have my list ready, and I am hoping to be done in 2 weeks. 

Let me ask my readers: Do you like to go Christmas shopping at the stores, or would you prefer shopping online?  And why?

Remember, it's just a ride.


  1. I hate Christmas shopping, period! That's why I give all the important people (family) the same thing: a year in photos of The Kid. I put them all in a hard cover book (usually made on and write a story about what's going on in each picture. It usually rhymes.

    This year, since he's four years old, I'm going to put all the pictures together and have him tell me what to write. I also make a DVD of all the home videos I've taken of him over the past year and put it in the back of the book.

    People seem to really like those, and it's great for me because it keeps me away from the malls. :)

  2. I do all my shopping online. The people in this city are insane on a normal day, and there's no way I'll dare try punching my way down Michigan Ave. during the holiday season again. At least not without a shotgun.

  3. I also shop online only. I can get killer deals that are even better than in-store (don't let those ads fool you, in-store specials aren't all that "special"). Plus, instead of having to use my jiu-jitsu/muay thai training on some old lady who's fighting me for the last waffle iron, I can sit in my office chair and relax... and not feel like a jerk for arm-barring a granny.