Saturday, February 4, 2012

Pervs among us!

So, lately I've been getting into checking where people are coming from, and what keywords they're looking for that land them on this blog.

What's apparent is that people are looking for help with their sex lives.  These poor, poor people!  No, wait......I think they're looking for PORN!  And they get MY BLOG!

Well, that would explain the recent upsurge in hits, but I'm afraid these are going to be very disappointed pervs since there's no naked ladies here....just a middle-aged tattooed chick....

And since curiosity has just gotten the better of me, I'm off to find out what the hell an "ayuh shirt" is.

Probably something totally skeevy....

Remember, it's just a ride.


  1. Just an fyi on those "ayuh" shirts. Apparently they're based on the word ayuh, meaning yes in Maine. Lol, not skeevy in the least.

  2. Gross! Not sure if you saw the post on it, but one of our top search results is '12 year old girls in booty shorts.' Good god, there is no hope for humanity, is there?