Thursday, June 26, 2014

What I did on a Wednesday night..

I have this friend...let's call him CR.  CR is a huuuuuuge KISS fan.  Huuuuuuuuge.  Now, I thought I was a KISS fan, but compared to CR, I'm not.  I'm a run-of-the-mill fan.  I like the stuff from the '70's, and maybe early '80's, but that's as far as I go.  CR however loves it all- '70's, '80's, '90's, 2000's.  And every Christmas up until the last couple of years, Husband and I comb the internet for unique KISS gifts to get him.

So, when he asked if I wanted to go to the KISS concert tonight, I said yes- the last one we went to was in oh...2003?  I think?  And before that, I saw KISS with my parents in 1977 during the KISS ALIVE II concert when my mom was an entertainment reporter in Ames, Iowa.  And I was 5, and a huge KISS fan, to the horror of my mom.  My uncle bought me my first album- Rock & Roll Over.  She wrote a whole article about it:

Now, CR and I have been talking about the next KISS concert we see together, and possibly getting meet & greet tickets, so when he said he could get them, I said yes, even at the much. much more expensive price.  It's been a dream of mine ever since finding out you could do that!  And then a few days ago he asked if we should upgrade them to backstage passes- complete with hard hats.  I thought maybe that was a little pricey for little back, so I kinda said um no, too much.

Much to my surprise, when we showed up at the Pepsi Center to get our tickets and start the meet & greet, CR had decided to upgrade the tickets and surprised me in line before we picked them up, so presto chango!- we were going to meet the band aaaaaand take a backstage tour!  Here's our package goodies:

 Plus, we got a picture taken with the band in full makeup that we'll get online in a couple of days.

Not only that but the meet & greet included an acoustic performance by the band:

It was awesome....stupendous...magnificent!!  I'd post the videos I took, but I'm afraid I'll crash my blogger site...

Then we got to meet everyone and have autographs signed:

Next, it was off for the backstage tour:

Paul Stanley's guitar- one of many@

One of Gene Simmon's guitars

Me, with one of Paul Stanley's guitars!!

I can't even begin to describe how amazing it was!  And I took at least 4 times as many pictures as I've shown here, and we hadn't even started the concert yet!

Did I mention Def Leppard was opening for KISS?

Def Leppard at soundcheck

Ok, here are a few concert pictures because it is 3 am and I'm tired!  Not to mention I have to work tomorrow!!!

Def Leppard:


I'm thinking this needs to be a 2 parter, cause I have some video to share....

See?  Blogger hates me.

Remember, it's just a ride.

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