Thursday, September 6, 2012

The one where I get scammed at work

It's official, I'm off orientation!  Yay for me!

Day 1 I spend 4 1/2 hours in MRI with both my patients, one who decided to slide that little head cage off his head 5 minutes into his scan.  Bring on the soft wrist restraints and Versed!

Day 2 I spend working on a ventilator patient who's lung CT shows the biggest infection I've ever seen.  Truly, we all thought she had a pneumothorax at first because the lung was shoved up in her chest to the size of a fist.  Holy moly!

Day 3- The new intermediate bed unit opens up, and I was asked to work that for the next month and not ICU.  Then, I find out a few things that were left out of the description of the unit by my manager- it's not a critical care unit at all, and I'm permanently assigned to it.  WHAT?!

Needless to say, I had to have a talk with my manager.  Seriously, if I wanted to be a floor nurse, I wouldn't have applied to the ICU in the first place!  So, I told my manager that I would help open the unit, but I expected to be place in ICU after a month or so.

The other kicker about this unit?  Yesterday was the Grand Opening, right?  Well, day 1 and other units are already using it as a dumping ground for patients they don't want.  Example- the sudden cardiac arrest pt who went missing a bunch of oxygen to his brain and now likes to paint with poo after the sun goes down.  Who wouldn't want that, right?  Apparently I want that, and I'm gonna like it.

Not a single nurse in the ICU thinks this unit is a good idea, given that there are already 2 other i-bed units in the hospital, and not one of them thinks it will stay open because the ICU is so busy that half the i-bed unit was full of ICU patients on day 1.  There was no room on ICU for all of there patients, and that's how it's been for weeks now.  Apparently, ICU needs the beds more, so why can't it just be an ICU?

Not to mention the fact that when I found all this out, I realized my manager had omitted several key points when I was hired that would have made me tell her "Hells no I want ICU, not a medical floor job- what do you think you're pulling?!"

What is it about managers that make them think that their pet projects will just "have" to work, just because they want them too?

Remember, it's just a ride.


  1. Oooh, a painting. Everyone loves arts and crafts, right?

    I swear, this is what managers were put on this earth to do: push your workers into doing things that aren't in their job description, and then convince them it WAS in their job description all along. Can you do that? Great, here's double everyone else's wage! Get to it!

  2. WOW, that really stinks. Hopefully he or she will take you serious about the one month and put you back in the job you were told about during the interview. If not, file a greiveance.