Thursday, January 3, 2013

The one where I get what I want

Yes it is!

Happy New Year all!  As promised, I am back, mostly from guilt, not really because anything is going on, you know how it can be some days....

Anyway, to start off the new year, I thought I'd talk about me, getting my work of all places!

My manager announced a month ago that she was stepping down and going to be just a normal staff nurse because she needs more experience to graduate college with a brand new MS, which is cool and all, but to do that, she took the spot in the ICU on days that I was supposed to get!  Then she tried to tell me that she never promised to move me at the first of the year, and told me that there was no one to replace me where I was so it was going to be April or May before I could transfer!




I decided to put up a stink about it.  A loud stink.  An "everyone in the ICU bugging my manager about welshing on a deal for me" stink.

And it worked!  On January 24 I will be in the ICU.  On nights.

Oh well, I got half of what I wanted, and it's a start to get me off the lousy unit I'm working on now, yay me!


Other than that, my birthday is in 9 days, (who's counting?), and I have almost 2 weeks off from work to go skiing and hang out in hot springs, and I can't wait!

Remember, it's just a ride.

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  1. It's nice to hear that putting up a stink actually worked. That's never worked for me in any job I've ever had.

    Also, I'm not envious of your skiing, but I'm very envious of the hot springs. Have fun!