Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Summer is over

Officially for me.  Tomorrow I actually start working at my new job, (cue jail cell door sounds).  No more biking like a madwoman, no more spending days watching entire seasons of Portlandia or United States of Tara.  It's sad.

Very sad.


Nope, tomorrow I have to wake up at 4:30.  4:30.  Ungodly hour.  And I hate mornings on principle.

Luckily, at least tomorrow I'll be shadowing the charge nurse, so that should be nice.  But, I shouldn't be bitching so much, in 2 weeks I'll be working nights, and that just plain sucks.  At 2 in the morning I can't even think straight!  Although, sleeping all day is kinda cool.....

Anyway, lets see how this new place is, hopefully nice and organized since I already know they are behind the times on charting and equipment.  I can't wait to paper chart again, (not).

Today I spent 2 hours on the computer doing mandatory Code of Conduct training.  Now I know what to do if someone at work violates the companies music copywrite code, or if their on the side catering biz bids on a company picnic.  Valuable things to know.  Guess I can't use the awesome training music on my blog. (damn)

In the meantime, I am going to enjoy the hell out of tonight by having Husband cook dinner, and I'll sit here and surf the web and drink New Belgium Pumpkick until I have to be carried to bed.


Remember, it's just a ride.  (so why am I working?)

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  1. Oh Pumpkin beer, this season I'm sure I'll see plenty of it. Never had New Belgium's though.

    So... what is the music copyright policy, and what is it based on? Like, is this someone trying to steal music the hospital is playing, or they can't play burned CDs?