Friday, July 17, 2015

A Whole New World...

So today I've been thinking about the things I have been doing lately, and all the new stuff I'm learning about- in particular, making YouTube videos.  Not like, videos of me doing stupid stuff, but gamer videos.  Video game gamer videos.

This is pretty new to me, I started a YouTube channel a few years ago when Oldest was playing Fatal Frame 4, and I posted a grand total of 4 videos that I recorded with my camera aimed at the tv.  Not exactly hi-tech.

Fast forward to last year when I was playing Bethesda's epic, Skyrim.  Because the game is so long and involved, I started watching gamers on YouTube playing, and stumbled across a gamer who ran a series called Skyrim's Hidden Treasures, (shoutout to GV), and I enjoyed how he played and how he recorded so much that a little light bulb started burning in the back of my brain- maybe I could do this?

Fast forward to a few months ago, when Oldest bought an Elgato game capture, and started recording her own playthroughs.  I went up to visit her and made a guest appearance on her playthrough of Outlast, which started that light bulb burning again- this was so much fun, I want to do this!

Of course I thought it would cost a ton of money, and while it wasn't a horrible amount to spend, I ended up buying a new laptop, microphone, and the Elgato, and embarked on a journey to entertain gamers who like watching gamers.

At first, I started playing Fable, but 5 episodes in, I was bored with the game.  I had played it when it came out, and it was fun, but in the end it just seemed...short.  So I ditched Fable and decided to play through the first game since Guitar Hero that really captured my attention and held it: Skyrim.

Now, here's the thing about making video game videos- a lot of people are doing it.  A. Lot.  And if you think you're going to start making games and become another PewDiePie , think again.  So many people are doing this now that yo really have to have an angle to catch viewers and keep them.  And everyone has an angle.  EVERYONE.  What's my angle you ask?  Mom Plays.  Mom.  Plays.  Makes you think you're gonna watch some 60 year old fumble through a game in a hysterically old person way- yes?

Well, let me tell you, I will fumble through games sometimes, and I tend to run into walls and get startled by hostiles, but I also make jokes, cuss a lot, and in general have fun with my games.  I also like to back my gameplay up with lore if I know it, and general information that might help those who have never played the game before. 

I'm on my 70 somethingth episode uploaded, but I've already recorded 140, and I am doing it because I love Skyrim, and I love putting something out there that makes people smile.

Keep on gaming everyone!

Remember, it's just a ride...

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