Friday, September 16, 2011

Another Fawk You Friday!

Brought to you by My Mad Mind, and Boobies, Babies, and a Blog, thanks ladies!

This Friday, I have to say a big Fawk You to being sick!  I thought I was sick last friday on my day off, but NOOOOO, that was just a tiny prequel to today!  I'm anxiously awaiting my boss to call me back so I can tell her I'm not going in!

And Fawk You to tailgaters!  Really?!  I'm going 5 miles OVER the speed limit and you're 2 feet off my bumper?!  Geez, where's the fire?

Fawk You to corporate tax cuts!  I'm tired of paying my fair share and having corporations make billions and not pay theirs!  Do we really care about our society, or is it just fawk you to others?!  Tired of this "I've got mine" mentality.

Whew!  I guess that'll hold me til next Friday!

Remember, it's just a ride.


  1. hate hate hate tailgaters. and I think its time for a complete overhaul of the government. I'm tired of everything being for the big corporations and not for the people. sick to death of it.

  2. Tailgaters are so rude. I consider it invading my personal space. Sorry about being sick. I spent the last two days with a headache and it's all because of the weather.

  3. Tailgaters are fun, because at that exact moment I always happen to see an imaginary bunny run out in front of me, so I slam on my brakes. Once I do that, Mr. or Mrs. Tailgater seems to want to stay about 50 feet behind me...