Friday, March 30, 2012

Disaster planning, Doomsday prepping, Emergency Awareness..Whatever you want to call it.

Ok, so I know that there has been an upsurge in talk about "Doomsday Prepping".  It can range from the extreme:

To regular people trying to be prepared for problems, like the weather going bad for awhile.  Just think about what a mess Hurricane Katrina was.

This week, Husband and I saw the National Geographic Channel show Doomsday Preppers for the first time, and it started me thinking again.

Husband and I have always been "self-sustaining", "provide for yourself" type people for the most part, and we have always been interested in the trends in the world that could affect people negatively.  We also like to know that we will not die in our cars in a snowstorm, or get lost forever in the mountains when we're camping.

I say all this because I know there's been a lot of joking and nasty remarks pointed towards anyone who thinks this way, I mean, come on, we've got technology, right?  And our government says they'll be able to help everyone in a disaster, right?  So I can sit back and let someone else do everything, right?

Good, 'cause it might hurt my pretty little head if I have to think of this stuff myself.

Let's face it, even if no one ever let off a nuclear bomb again, or set off nerve gas in another subway, or our economy magically turns around and everyone has gold toilets:

Now that's a beauty.

There's still the problem of mother nature and her awesome wrath.  And it can be awesome.  So, I'd like to be prepared, even if it's just enough to ride through until help comes.  And if help doesn't come?  Then I think I'd like to try to be one of the survivors.

After all, even our government wants us to be prepared.

Remember, it's just a ride.

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  1. Yeah... I wouldn't trust the government to come and save the common man if everything falls into the toilet. They can barely get things done right with even the simplest of task, let alone a apocalyptic disaster.