Tuesday, March 20, 2012

I thought the apocalypse had come!

Seriously.  On Saturday when I went to get on my blog and check my facebook, nothing happened.  I played with our DSL modem, turning it on and off several times.


Holy cow!  The world had come to an end!  I couldn't "like" my friends goofy posts!  I couldn't bitch about my job to total strangers!  I couldn't download music or books, or spend money on other things!

Was it just me?  Maybe our phone company was to blame.  I called Oldest- nope, her internet was working.

I unplugged the modem for the 67th time...maybe if I waited longer before turning it back on....nope...light is still just red, no green for go, not even a flicker.

Spit.  Dirty drawers.

Husband came home and was immediately assaulted with the problem.  He works in computers, he could fix it!

Nope, prognoses:  DOA.  No resucitation, DNR.

On Sunday I kept going to my computer to check on my friends via facebook...oh, right, can't get on.

But wait!  Brilliant idea-  I asked Husband if I could plug the phone jack into my computer.  His answer?  Sure, but you still won't have internet, that's not how DSL works.

WTF?!  That's how it used to work...you know....on...(hushed voice) dial up.

Husband just laughed.  Yeah yeah.

On Monday the question was, how soon til we get our new modem?  Answer- Tuesday.  Ugh, but I wanted to look up some facts on Queen Elizabeth!  And order a book of scales for piano practice!  And possibly browse for things that are amusing....like, you know....dancing cats.....

But now the wait is over!  I'm baaaaaack!  And I have some very important videos to watch...

Remember, it's just a ride.


  1. And that's why I have a laptop so I can abuse wifi. :P

  2. The internet is quite addictive. I should know, I'm addicted.