Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Not a completely happy camper

Mostly because I was supposed to hear about my last job interview yesterday, and as of 5pm tonight, I still haven't heard a word despite leaving 2 messages implying I needed to know asap.  The other place I interviewed with gave me a job offer, and now they're waiting for me to let them know.  Meanwhile, I'm worried that they will decide I'm taking too long and rescind the offer.  What to do?!  Ugh.

On the plus side, Oldest, Fiance and I went and looked at the first wedding venue of the week, and it is gorgeous:

Oh.  Nevermind.  Now, not only can I not comment on anyone's blogs, I can't post pictures either.  This sucks and I'm going to look for some other place to have this blog.  Someplace that actually has help for the problems you have such as:

- can't comment on blogs, not even on my own!

- can't delete blogs off my blog list

- can't upload pictures

- can't post to Google+, just get a white screen like it's loading & it never does anything, (except make me have to reload Blogger)

- can't receive help for these problems, apparently I'm the only one who has had them because there aren't even threads asking wtf is up with this!

So.  If anyone who has a blog actually reads this, are you having these problems?  Is there a better place that hosts blogs?

Remember, it's just a ride.

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