Wednesday, January 11, 2012

How my aide tried to kill me today

Granted, she was very original in her method, because I'm pretty sure no one else would have thought of DEATH BY YOGALATES!

And here I thought she was innocently just looking after my health.  After all I'm going to be 40 tomorrow, and instead of looking like this:


I look more like this:

Not awesome.  Kinda squishy.

So, to motivate both of us to work out, I agreed to try out Yogalates at the nearest rec center after work tonight.

What, you ask, is Yogalates?  Well, it's Yoga....and Pilates....mixed up with each other like a goulash.  A little bit of one here, a little of one there, and presto-chango, you have the exercise that will kill your groin, abdomen, neck, and arms all in one short hour!

And then, because I could still move, Zumba started right after the Yogalates, and my aide, and our therapy assistant tried there hardest to get me to do pretty much what looked like "dancercise" just to finish me off.