Thursday, January 5, 2012

Oh 2012, please be better than 2011!

Happy New Year everyone!

This is a post that is really more like a karmic wish for better things this year.  Not that 2011 was a complete disaster, but, come on here, we can do better!

Ok, #1- Now that all the children are finally out of the house, (for good? the world may never know...), can I stick to working out for longer than 2 weeks so I don't look how I feel weight wise?  It's kinda like.....

Yeah.  Kinda like that...only I'm a chick, and none of it's gone to my butt where I need it.

Oh, and that's only after gaining 5 lbs. through the holidays.  Feels like 20.  Mind you, that only makes me 140 lbs, but damnit, I was 110 lbs in high school!

#2- Could I please win the lottery?  I know it's kind of a big thing to ask for, and everyone says that money doesn't solve everything, but I have a feeling that it would solve my "having to work so I can't just f*ck off and read and sew all the time" problem....

Oh God!  That looks fantastic!

#3-  Could the world just stop going crazy all the time?  Seriously, is no one interested in stability besides me?  Bunch of lemmings....

Oh, wait....I guess not lemmings.....Screw you Disney!  Now I have this cliche permanently imbedded in my brain and it's not even real!

Wow, ok, well at least we all know the world is ending this year, right?

Ugh!  Psh!  Nevermind, I'll just hope that I'm happy, healthy, and can keep a steady job!

Remember, it's just a ride.

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  1. Disney staged the death of lemmings? Next thing you're gonna tell me, mice can't talk or drive steam engine-powered boats. Psssh.

    Also, good luck in losing weight, but seriously, only 140 lbs? That's nothing. Once you start reaching a weight where you have a FUPA, well, then you might have a problem.