Tuesday, July 16, 2013

And so it begins....

Wedding stuff.  For Oldest's wedding.

So there we were today, Bride, Mother of the Bride, and Bridesmaids, at David's Bridal for the Trying On Of The Bridesmaid Dresses.

Would it be a disaster?  Would they have the right color of green, and could all the dresses being tried on be dyed that color?  Would someone look too fat?  Would someone's badonka donk be too big?  Who hates their legs?  Boobs?  Arm flaps?!  Who hates satin, raise your hands!

5 or 6 dresses were tried, and it was narrowed down to one:

Does this dress make me look like broccoli?

 And then on further thought after the Bride got home, it was decided that the Bridesmaids could pick one of the 3 favorites, according to who wanted to cover up/conceal which body parts they wanted:

Tell me the truth:  I look just like that girl from Charlie & the Chocolate Factory, don't I?!
Does blue make me look like a bomb pop?!
In the meantime, I was making faces at the Mother of the Bride dresses- apparently the mother is supposed to be way older than me because they were all the floor length lace dressed with boleros, or whatever those little half jackets are called.  Nope.  Nope.  That's just not gonna do!  I'm 42 for cryin' out loud!  (actually, I think I said something along the lines of "for f*ck's sake!")

Anyway, we did find a few, and I dutifully tried them on, (please disregard my faces, even if I was looking at the camera & smiling, I still look like I'm making faces!):

Dress #1- sausage casing
Dress #2- not too hip on the lace
Dress #3- I like it but sitting might not be an option
Dress #4- nixed on the rack, loved it when I tried it on!
Dress #5- I likey, but not in black

Now, unlike the youngins, I pretty much love my legs, arms, face, nose, aaaaand boobs.  And since I've been biking like crazy, my little belly pooch is going away, so I pretty much am ok with that too, so there was none of this, "Does this make my hips look wide?  Does this make my eyes look like they're too small?"  But I definitely have a few opinions on these dresses:

1- The first dress was like I stuffed myself into a sausage casing

2- I don't believe in wearing black at a wedding, unless that is the theme (yuck)

3-The last dress is a Vera Wang and I find that cool

4- I usually don't care for lace, at my age I think it can make you look old

5- The dresses I liked were the 3rd & 4th ones

Especially the 4th one.  I gotta say that the picture doesn't do it justice because it was comfortable & pretty.  The bride likes the 2nd one because she says I AM going to a funeral, and then laughs.

So, I went home and did what anyone with a choice to be made would do;  I posted the pictures on my Facebook page and asked all my friends to vote on them.  We'll see what happens, so far the overwhelming majority like dress #2.

So I'm asking all of you to vote for your favorites in the comments in the hopes my favorites will be voted in!

Remember, it's just a ride.

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  1. beside the black at weddings part, I think 2 looks the best