Friday, August 5, 2011

OMG! It's my 100th post!

I can't believe it!  I guess I really do talk as much as Husband says I do!

I thought I'd do a quick post since I still haven't really posted about my trip to Denver that I appeared to drunkenly post an hour after the concert from my phone.

I've never done that before, so I didn't realize it wouldn't upload video, (sorry all, some promises just can't be kept by machinery), and it would jam all the pictures into the bottom.

Oh well.  At least I spelled everything right and didn't sound near as wasted as I was, (for my Beer for the Shower buddies, it was Blue Moon with a slice of orange).

So, Husband and I got down to Denver on Sunday and promptly went out with our friends for sushi, (it's tradition!), and lots 'o sake!

I'm on a boat! Everybody look at me 'cuz I'm sailing on a boat!

On Monday we ran around to all the places I really miss, and ended up eating lunch at a place called the Cheeky Monk, which is a great bar that imports very hard to find Belgian beers.  Unbeknownst to me, I had a "lunch beer" that was 10% alcohol! (for those of you who I know will be interested, it's called St.Bernardus, and it's really good)

Then we went shopping.  Perfectly insane with me buzzed on beer at 1 in the afternoon.  Needless to say, I spent way to much money...

Tuesday was concert day, and we spent the whole day lazing around our friends' house until we got picked up by our "limo", which was actually a Suburban with a driver from Georgia- the country, not the state, as he pointed out to me.

Then......RED ROCKS!!

The opening band was some girl band from Japan called Red Bacteria Vacuum.  Don't ask me why, because I don't know.  Piercing scream Japanese girls who pleaded with the audience to buy their cd because they needed a better van for touring.  It was kinda funny...

And then:  A Perfect Circle!

I probably didn't get the best pictures ever....

but I did learn how to zoom in my phone camera...


And I did get video....but, it's all distorted sound and I probably could pay someone to clean it up, but after drunken shopping, who has the money for that?!

Wednesday morning I departed for home.  Sad.  And a long drive-5 hours!  Over 3 mountain passes...

Truckers!  This is what happens when you brake too much going down steep slopes!  Downshift for cryin' out loud!

I could smell this guys' brakes from the top of the pass...smells like hot library paste!

Coming up on Loveland Pass and the Eisenhower Tunnel

All in all it was an awesome trip and I wish it wasn't over, but it's still nice to be home!

Remember, it's just a ride.


  1. That looks delicious! And I'm glad you had fun.

  2. They're some pricey buggers, but man do I miss The Cheeky Monk's beers. Thanks for the shout-out, and Happy 100th post! The show looks like it was a blast, except for the squealing Bacteria Vaccuum. By the way, I've always wanted to see a truck hit a runaway truck ramp. Just once...