Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Am I a genius or what?

OMG!  Did I manage to really do this?!  Well, someone let me know if this little guy doesn't work!

So, I skipped blogging yesterday, and I'm feeling a little bad about it, but it was such a nice day, and the outside was calling to me!  Also, my bed was calling for me to take a nap, but I managed to stay awake.

I guess I had better catch up on the 30 day challenge....Day 19- A fun memory.

Well, I have many a fun memory, but the one that came to mind immediately is a little "off color," if you know what I mean.  But I'll tell it anyway.

We have two dogs, an Australian Shepard, and a Belgian Shepard/Golden Retriever mix.  The mix is an all black dog that everyone mistakes for a Labrador.  His name is Rascal.

Now, Rascal has always had a little issue- whenever he is really happy he, uh, well, lets his little happy slide out.  And he tends to be a happy dog.

My kids both have always screamed, "Rascal!  Put your happy away!"  when he's done that.  It's pretty funny.

Now, the other dog in the picture is Bandit, the aussie.  He likes to pin you down on the floor and give you kisses- meaning lick your face until it's raw.

So, one day, Bandit had pinned down Oldest on the floor and was busily stripping the top layer of skin off her face while she screamed and giggled.  Rascal trotted up to her head, his happy out, and sat down next to her, flopping his happy right in her hair.

It took her like...a minute to figure out that we were no longer giggling about face licking.  Then she started yelling, "What, what?!"  And that's when Youngest said, "Rascal is reeeeaaally happy to see you!"

I have never seen a teenager move faster.

Remember, it's just a ride.


  1. hi-larious. thanks for sharing! :)off-color memories are the best color memories.

  2. hahah. that happens to our dogs also but we call it their lipstick. "Samson, put away your lipstick...that is gross!"

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