Thursday, June 23, 2011

Hobbies and other assorted stuff

Ok, I missed a day blogging yesterday, and I apologize profusely!  I promise to be a good girl!  At least for a little while....

So, today is Day 20 of the challenge, and now everyone is breathlessly awaiting my answer to the question "What is a hobby of yours?"

Well, when I'm not running naked around the house banging on my bongos reading vociferously, I like to sew.

Not clothes.  I don't even get what the instructions for clothes mean, and have to constantly call my mom and ask, "What do they mean by this..."  Highly annoying.

I quilt and cross stitch.  That makes me sound old.  Oh well.  It can't be helped.

And just to make me sound like I might possibly not be old, here are some other things I like to do:


Ok, now I sound like someone you could hang out with.  Whew!  I thought maybe I should be put in a nursing home already so I could have conversations like this:

"I haven't had a good bm in 2 days!  Something is wrong!"
"I told that girl that comes in that she doesn't know anything!  She does everything wrong!"
"Goddamn kids!  Get off my lawn!"

Remember, it's just a ride.


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  2. Actually, you sounded like someone I could hang out with when you were running around naked with bongos.

    I say that in a completely platonic manner, by the way. Which would be a tough sell, because the bongo is such a sexual instrument.

  3. @ Beer- Hah! Bongos are terribly sexual! They look like flat nipple-less boobies when turned on their sides. Sooooo sexy I say!