Tuesday, June 28, 2011

It's Tuesday!

So check out the hop put on by Survey Junkie, it's a good one!

It's Tuesday, and that means my weekend is done.  For those of you who don't know, Saturday is my Friday, and Tuesday is my Monday.  No wonder I'm all screwed up!

And, today is another day of the 30 Day Challenge.  Today's exciting topic:  Your Childhood.  Did I say exciting?  I meant hopelessly boring.  Really.

I think my childhood was like most others.  Except there were no video games...wait, I take that back.  We had PONG!  Black and white and made to stimulate the reflexes!

It really was terribly exciting.

Then when I was 12 we got an Odyssey:

My Grandparents had an Atari system, and my favorite game:

Missile Command!

After my mom saw that I played it non stop, she refused to let the family have any more gaming systems, until one Christmas I subversively bought my siblings...


Now they're so addicted to gaming that they have an XBox, Playstation 2, and still own all the old gaming machines.

My work is done.

Rmemeber, it's just a ride.

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